Photographs by o palsson appear on numerous websites and major news media as well as in printed materials from corporate publications to advertising brochures. With proper permission and photographer credit, the photographs found in the galleries on this website (and many more available from the photographer) are available for use online or in print. Use of these images online or in print is only permitted if their use adheres to the below conditions (A or B).

A. For images in the Buildings/Architecture and Other Subjects galleries: All of those images are under a Creative Commons license and may therefore be used for free anywhere online or in print as long as (a) photographer credit is given wherever they appear - the photo credit should state: "Photo by o palsson" and (b) email notification of use of the image is sent to palssonphoto@yahoo.com. Higher-resolution versions of these images can be obtained if needed through that e-mail as well.

B. For images in the Artistic Nudes galleries: Those images are protected by more restrictive copyright, but are available on a case-to-case basis with written permission from o palsson for use online or in print in ways that are tasteful and not in any sexually explicit context. Higher resolution version can be optained by e-mail request.

If you are unsure how to use the images properly, just email o palsson for clarification.